Pregnancy Checklist


    All your must have pregnancy essentials

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    1 x Mushy Cushy Bean Bag

    A must have for those aches and pains

    1 x Spine Align Body Contour Pillow

    A much needed pillow to support you and your growing tummy

    1 x Oh Lief Natural Olive Tummy Wax 125g

    Great for preventing stretch marks

    1 x Oh Lief Natural Sunscreen SPF30 100ml

    A must have in every household and super safe for your little one's.

    1 x Mama Mio Tummy Rub Oil 120ml

    Protect your tummy (and boobs, hips and thighs) against stretch marks with our super-elasticising Omega-packed blend of organic oils. Research has clinically proven that omegas help skin elasticity and improve the very integrity of skin cells – helping your skin stretch and recover. The Tummy Rub Oil is an un-oily oil (weird but true!) that sinks in super quick and leaves a beautiful, protective sheen. What it does • increases skin’s strength and elasticity to protect against stretch marks • mega-moisturises and nourishes growing skin • soothes itchy tummies

    1 x Mama Mio Lucky Legs 100ml

    Amazing ingredients V-Tonic™ is an incredible blend of safe, essential plant oils with Lemon (zesty, fresh, stimulating) and Lavandin (soothing, refreshing, and mildly antiseptic). Menthol is instantly refreshing and eases muscular discomfort. Spearmint Leaf Oil Uplifting and refreshing but also useful through pregnancy as it helps reduce unwanted hairs with natural anti-androgenic properties. Vitamin C and beta carotenes present in spearmint act as antioxidants to keep skin strong. Ginger Root Extract Invigorating, helps circulation, antioxidant. Tangerine Oil Extract helps reduce swelling and water retention acting as a natural diuretic, calming and healing. Arnica Montana Flower Extract stimulates circulation, helping the oxygen to get to the cells quicker, reducing skin puffiness, pain and inflammation. Murumuru Seed Butter relieves muscular aches, deeply hydrating and helps repair the skin’s natural barrier. Organic Coconut Oil reduces pain and swelling in tired feet and legs, a very deep penetrating moisturiser that has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and healing properties. Reduces discomfort and increases elasticity. Chamomile Extract eases muscle pain and circulation discomfort.

    1 x Carriwell Seamless Maternity Bra

    A perfect bra to keep you comfortable when you are most sensitive


    1 x Me-A-Mama Denim Skinnies

    Super flattering and comfy


    1 x Me-A-Mama Miracle Leggings

    A must have pregnancy item


    1 x Me-A-Mama Ezra Top

    A summer must have for all bumps