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So now with 2017 behind us, we now say hello to new kiddie trends in 2018. The Kiddie Company would like to take a moment to wish you everything of the best for the new year ahead and may 2018 be a year filled with lots of love, laughter, adventure and mostly, FUN! For many of us, last year was a challenging year and for some, a year of great success. For The Kiddie Company, it was an exciting year as we launched our online business with some great, much needed and innovative products. Some of these products include pre-packed hospital bags with all your hospital essentials and then some, 2 types of bags to choose from and to suit every type of budget. Some 2018 kiddie trends that are big are Modern Nurseries. Gone are the days of character bedding sets, matching curtains and ‘baby-ish’ furniture. These days moms and dads are leaning towards a more contemporary look for their nurseries with very simplistic and monochromatic themes, pastel colour palettes and chic boho looks. Another huge trend is ECO-FRIENDLY products, with parents opting for more planet-friendly materials in all areas of their lifestyles. Wooden toys versus plastic toys as well as wooden minimal themes for nursery décor. Cloth nappies, natural skincare, glass feeding bottles and organic baby carriers are all a huge focus for parents this year. Playtime forts have now become full-time furniture décor in the form of teepees. Not only do they look amazing, but they are super practical for storing toys, and all kiddies absolutely LOVE them especially when it comes to a game of hide and seek! As we all know, time is becoming a super precious commodity for us all and so convenience for the win, at all stages of our busy lives. Checklists that are provided to us to make our lives easier, healthy ready-made meals and pre-packed hospital bags are helping us to take baby prep to a whole new level. This is what we at The Kiddie Company, have designed our business around to ensure your adventure is a happy and fun one. We also like to supply products that are not only on trend but practical and pretty too. Keep an eye out for some new products that we will be adding to the line and one example is the baby dam. With level 6 water restrictions now in place, this handy little item will allow you to still bath your little one, with a fraction of the water required for a ‘full’ bath.