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Child safety, child abduction, human trafficking all super hot topics of discussion of late!

We have all been reading social media and watching or listening to the news and more and more incidents of child abduction are coming through on a daily and weekly basis sending the public into a frenzy and into panic mode.

Now be it factual as some of the cases are, or fake news, as a parent, you would always want the best for your child and want to ensure their safety at all times, right?

We need to be informed of child safety procedures and what we need to teach our children and how we go reporting any suspicious activities even if we think we are being a bit overly paranoid.

Please take a moment to also click on the below link which will direct you to the SAPS page that includes very important Child safety tips.  As parents and caregivers, we need to ensure that we are informed and updated on tips and procedures to follow so that we can teach our beloved children how to safeguard themselves.

Child safety tips –

Child Safety with the Kiddie Company

In this day and age, the world is already such a crazy place, would you not want peace of mind when you are out and about in places like a busy shopping center or strolling along the isles and alleys of a weekend market?  As a parent, we all know how quickly a toddler can just run off at the sight of just another R5 mall toy ride, a sweetie or toy shop or a jumping castle.

Here at The Kiddie Company, we have that area covered with the most practical and cutest little safety accessories.

Some might worry about what others are going to think or say?  However, why would you care about what others are thinking when you know that this for the safety of your most precious possession.