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When you go to the shops and see that Hot Cross buns have hit the shelves, you know Easter is around the corner.

Come Easter time, I am always reminded of the things we did when I was a child. Long weekend breakaways, Easter egg hunts and plenty of toasted hot cross buns filled with cheese.

The rest of the breakaway, would be consumed by chocolate…and lots of it in all different shapes and sizes. The larger your stash bag, the better and in those days, there was not too much concern around how much chocolate was consumed in one day!

These days, the inspiration and creativity of Easter treats and crafts have increased so much and you can get the cutest Easter treats for your kiddies. The crafts will also keep them entertained for hours. Check out our Pinterest board for some ideas and inspiration regarding creative crafts and bunny inspired bedroom décor for little girls or gender neutral nurseries. (Click here to take you to the board)

Other things that come to mind at Easter time are bunnies, the cutest little bunnies in many forms, be it chocolate, plush toy versions, a snuggle bunny, décor bunnies and many more.

One product I could not do without with both my children, was the Lily n Jack snuggle bunny. I remember when I could not take the dummy patrol any longer, the snuggle bunny was like a gift from Heaven. My son eventually landed up with two and had to go and sleep with both every night.. These days, my daughter also started off with one and has now progressed to three…only because she inherited the very worn in one’s from her brother. She does love them all equally though and my advice to any mom or new mom that may be struggling with their little one’s to learn to self soothe, the bunny will soon become your and your offspring’s best friend!

Find the full range of the snuggle bunnies and snuggle blankies at . (Click here to take you straight to the page)

With all the above said, we, at The Kiddie Company, would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very blessed Easter and enjoy the valuable time with your loved one’s.