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It’s a Saturday morning and you decide to go toy shopping. You have the kids ready and dressed (after much debate), and you’re already on your third cup of coffee.

You’ve pushed this off for weeks now and realised that if you don’t upgrade their toy selection soon, you’re going to sit with bigger problems. Yes, those ones. The sulking, complaining and pieces of broken toys laying around the house, possibly causing a bit of a hazardous home for your little ones.

Right, so, the car’s packed, the baby bags are stocked and you’ve buckled your smallies in their seats and on route to your nearest toy store. So after much browsing, you not only find a lack of variety in good quality toys, but your kids are being extra “naggy” and you’re struggling to focus on the task at hand. The dreaded feeling of being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Now you feel like you’ve wasted an entire morning and what seemed like a simple task has now turned into a crazed event.  Isn’t shopping with kids enough? Let alone toy shopping; “Mommy, I want this and this and this…” This is highly frustrating and we can relate, on all levels. Seriously.

Play time shopping from the comfort of your home

Enter, Kiddie Company. Sit back, relax and shop online. At home. In your leisure wear.


From educational toys to soft plush toys and everything in between, Kiddie Company really does offer it all. Playtime is important as it teaches kids certain skills like hand-eye coordination and the ability to distinguish between different textures and therefore assisting in the cognitive development, so buying the right toys requires a certain amount of research.  You want this experience to be fun, as toys should be.

So make sure your frame of mind is in the right place. We not only offer a superb collection of toys but offer guidance and advice on what toys you should be buying for your child, based on their age.  

Playtime for moms is shopping online anyway. So we’re here to make it just that much easier for you.