Baby Gear: The Necessities and the Niceties

As soon as your little one reaches the baby stage, they are no longer as fragile as an infant. You experience different types of emotions; happy that your baby will now be able to interact more with you and a slight bit of sadness in realising how fast they are growing up!

We supply everything from safety and health care to feeding, travel gear, clothing and play time goods. Whatever it is you are searching for, the odds are that you will find it at The Kiddie Company. We also accommodate parents who would like to take a more natural approach to parenting with our range of natural skincare, natural feeding equipment, and natural nappies and changing supplies.

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At three months of age, your baby is no longer considered an infant and they will now benefit from visual stimulation. Bright colours and noisy toys. As the months go on, it will escalate to soft toys which they can chew without injuring themselves. Yes, teething is one of the many experiences that new parents fear. This is also the most important stage; experiencing your baby’s first laugh, their first word (in some cases hoping that it would be "mamma"), and even the first time that they crawl.

As a parent, driving to the shops with your baby can be challenging. Once you become a mother, you will see how long it takes to actually leave the house! Therefore online shopping becomes your best friend.

Shopping online has become a safe, easy and fast way to get exactly what you need, to be delivered straight to your doorstep. At the Kiddie Company, we would like to make the shopping part of raising a baby convenient for parents because we know there is nothing easy about raising a child.

Raising children is not one of the easiest tasks and therefore shopping shouldn’t be a hassle. Sit back, relax and browse through our wide range of top-quality, trusted baby products.