Nappy Accessories For Babies; Nap(py) Time And What You Need To Know

Everything you need to know about Nappies, including the best nappy bins, the creams and of course, the different types of nappies.

Every child is different and what brand of nappy works for one baby, may not work for the next, which is why it’s important to explore all the options to find the best FIT for you and your baby 😉

We, here at The Kiddie Company, have decided to make the options so broad for everything “nappy” related so that you don’t have to be subjected to just one brand, if for sane sakes, the brand you’re using, doesn’t work out.   We like to please all our customers and at least, give you the option of wanting to switch nappy brands or not.

We’re thrilled to announce that in this category, it is not just nappies we focus on, but all the creams and accessories that go with it.

As changing a nappy isn’t really at the top of our bucket lists, let’s be honest, we offer the widest selection of hygienic aftercare; like nappy bins from well-trusted brands to steri-wipes and more!

Nappy bins are not only convenient in masking odours but also come with hygiene liners too. So you know that the environment or room in which you're changing your baby's nappy is of utmost cleanliness and free from any bacteria and germs that lay in their poop.

We even have a great selection of swimming nappies so you can relax and enjoy the afternoon at the pool without having to worry if your little ones going to add some, umm, 'decor', to the water.

Travelling soon? Check out our travel mats to ensure a hassle-free experience whilst on the road.  With our variety, you're bound to find something to go along for the ride.

We have really tried our best to make this as niche as possible, offering you, the customer, the most accurate information on our products.  Don't forget to check out our natural and organic variety of baby bum creams if your little one is more on the sensitive side.

Don't forget to drop us a line if there's some uncertainty on our products or if you're just wanting to say hello :) We're here for you.