Baths, Stands, And Seats For Your Baby

When choosing the correct baby bath that suits your needs there are a few factors to take into consideration such as how long will your baby be using the bath and should the baby bath be easily portable.

At The Kiddie Company, we have baby baths and baby stands to suit every need. The snuggle time baby bath is made from molded plastic perfect from newborn up to 12 months with a molded newborn seat that can be removed as your baby grows bigger. It also includes a plug that makes it easy to release the water, this baby bath can be used inside of your tub or on its own.

For an older baby with muscle strength that can stand without support, we have the baby dam which is also a nifty product to save water. We also stock the Angelcare bath support and the Angelcare bath ring which provides extra support for your little one.

R495.00 inc. tax
R450.00 inc. tax