Feeding: Nursing Supplies, Pumps and Milk essentials When it comes to feeding your baby The Kiddie Company has everything you need, from manual breast pumps to electric breast pumps, sterilising kits and various name branded bottles for you to find the most compatible teat for your infant. Not every baby is the same, what works for your sister's kid may not work for yours and it is important to take your baby's individual needs into consideration. If you decide to breastfeed your baby you may want to purchase a breast pump as well as breast milk storage containers that will allow you to safely store your breastmilk which is perfect for mommy’s going back to work or for moms that aren’t as comfortable with breastfeeding in public. The Kiddie Company has your favourite International branded baby bottles and teats, like Tommee tippee, Avent and Pigeon.  Our Feeding accessories range from newborn to toddler, and when your baby is ready for their first sippy cup we have great range of these too!