With so many name branded baby bottles to choose from in our bottle feeding range, it may be difficult to find the perfect bottle teat for your baby. Whether your baby prefers Tommee Tippee, Avent, Dr Brown, pigeon or Nuk, The Kiddie Company has exactly what you need.

Every baby is unique, and different bottles work for different babies. Baby bottle teats generally come in three different sizes:

0-3 months

3-6 months

6 months +

These sizes are to control the amount of liquid that flows out of the teat to prevent your baby from choking.

With our safe payment gateway and an array of quality bottle feeding products and the added benefit of being able to shop in your pj’s, there is no need to leave your home to get what you need!

The Kiddie Company will deliver your order straight to your doorstep!

When should you replace a baby bottle teat?

Put liquid into the bottle and turn it upside down, if the liquid is pouring out of the bottle it is time to replace the teat. Liquid should drop at a steady pace out of the teat. This should be checked at least every two to three months.

Colic Bottle Feeding

Sometimes babies are born with colic; uncontrollable crying for no reason. There are bottles made specifically to tend to the needs of colic babies, such as Dr. Brown’s natural flow bottles, Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature and the Philips AVENT Natural Polypropylene bottles. These bottles will not prevent colic but they do assist in making the process easier for your baby until he or she outgrows the colic.

Some babies prefer warm milk bottles and simply refuse to drink a room temperature bottle. For this, The Kiddie Company has a wide range of bottle warmers that will simplify your life. Heating up your baby's milk in the microwave isn’t recommended as microwaves don’t heat your baby’s milk evenly, this causes “hot spots” in the milk that may scald your baby’s throat.