Breastfeeding – Ready Made With Love

Breast is best, and for those of us lucky enough to supply our babies with the natural antibodies that breastmilk contains, there are some necessities you may find yourself needing, not only for storing your baby’s breast milk safely but also for protecting your nipples in order for you to continue supplying your baby with the “milk of life”.

There are many things that a breastfeeding mommy needs to have in their cupboard.

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Breastfeeding essentials for mom

Nipple Pads: Those wet circles around your nipples can be a slight bit embarrassing when breastfeeding your baby. You have no idea when your breastmilk will surprise you. Keeping a few nipple pads in your handbag in case of an emergency is always advised.

Nipple Cream Don’t get us wrong, breastfeeding is a beautiful experience, however, it can also be a painful one. Keeping a tube of nipple cream around can help you avoid the painful side of breastfeeding.

Nursing Pillow : a breastfeeding mommy’s best friend! New babies need to be fed every 3 hours and this can become quite uncomfortable if you don't have the right position or pillow to aid the comfort. With the nursing pillow, this will not be the case. Nursing bras: These are magical, comfortable and also practical! Nursing bras make it a little easier to breastfeed on the go.

Breastfeeding essentials for baby 

Breast Pumps: There are two types of breast pumps; manual breast pumps and electric breast pumps. If you are a working mom and need to pump milk in larger quantities on a more regular basis, an electric breast pump will be the perfect fit. The manual breast pump is perfect for moms who do not pump breast milk as frequently. It is also light and easy to take along while travelling.

Breast Milk Storage:  Milk storage bags are a necessity for any mom who needs to store breast milk for later use. These can be stored in the fridge and your milk should last 3 - 7 days.  If stored in the freezer, your milk can last up to 6 months!