Feeding Accessories And Meal Time Essentials FACT: Feeding time for your baby or toddler is a constant throughout their life. That’s why it’s so imperative that you have the best tools at hand to provide healthy, hearty and nutritious food – whether its solids, formula or breast milk. The Kiddie Company has your baby's meals covered with these great feeding essentials. Gear up with feeding accessories that's vital to your baby needs from cute bibs and burp cloths to Clevamama storage containers and everything in-between. Get your hungry critters to sit down at the dinner table and practise their food art while eating with the grownups. Choose Dreambaby tableware and utensils designed for infants and toddlers. Baby bottles from Avent and sippers from Tommee Tippee along with other nourishment essentials can be found here. We have all you need to turn any feeding frenzy into a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Make sure that you can provide the best opportunity for your baby to enjoy a nutritious meal and further optimise their growth and development.