Pregnancy Pillows From Maternity to Newborn

Pregnancy pillows; the ultimate solution for those aches and pains. Many pregnant women have trouble sleeping comfortably at night and struggle with insomnia. The solution for comfortable sleeping is simple; a full body pillow that offers you support in all the right places. The pregnancy pillow is one of the top maternity essentials.

The right time to start using a pregnancy pillow

There is no right or wrong time, however, when your tummy starts growing it becomes increasingly more difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. This usually happens at the end of the second trimester, a pregnancy pillow will ease the pressure on your lower back and tailbone whilst also keeping you in the position that is ergonomically correct for this stage in your pregnancy. There are plenty of different types of pregnancy pillows for you to choose from such as the full body pillow, a wedge pillow, and the shaped pregnancy pillows. Choosing the correct one for you is much simpler than you may think. For a good night full of comfort from head to toe you may want to take into consideration a total body pillow made from memory foam; a pregnancy body pillow with a removable cover is also a great option if you plan on using the pillow after baby is born for bottle feeding or simply because you still enjoy the comfort that the maternity pillow offers as opposed to regular pillows. The maternity pillow can also be used for breastfeeding as it acts support. The Kiddie Company would like to offer you quality pregnancy pillows at affordable prices; please see our selection below for your perusal.