Pre-Packed Bags

Luxury Pre-Packed Maternity Hospital Bags & Accessories

Find pre-packed hospital bags that has everything you need for your trip to the hospital.

Your hospital bag is one of the most important tasks on a mother’s list when it comes to planning for your new baby’s arrival…The question is always, “What do I need to pack?” The last thing you want to worry about when you’re about to expect your long awaited arrival is whether you remembered to pack everything.

We have four types of luxury pre-packed bags available.

Essential Hospital Bag Contents:  This is the perfect set of hospital bag contents only.  Perfect if you already have a bag of your own.

Bare Basics:  A pre packed fabric nappy bag filled with the bare essentials for your hospital stay.

Standard Pre-packed hospital bags:  A fabric nappy bag containing all the basic essentials for mom and baby.

Executive Luxury Pre-packed hospital bags: A leather nappy bag containing all the essentials and a few added extras for both mom and baby.  Giving birth is stressful enough, The Kiddie Company would like to simplify your birthing experience.

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