Complete Collection Of Toddler Accessories And Gear

Toddlers, the cutest and most mischievous creatures known to man. With their little sticky hands and energetic legs they fight against the thought of sleep and know just how to get under your skin, yet those sweet little smiles melt your heart every time.

A Toddlers mind is much like a sponge and they need educational toys that will stimulate their intellectual needs and noisy busy-body toys that will positively get rid of all your munchkins energy.  You will also reach one of the biggest milestones, getting them out of the nappy and onto the big potty!

At The Kiddie Company, we pride ourselves on quality and reliability. Shopping with us from the comfort of your home with our safe and secure online payment methods is simple. All you need to do is add everything your heart desires to your cart and rest assured that your package will be delivered straight to your doorstep.

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Toddler Stuff - Protection from the Unfed

We have something of everything from bath toys to clothing, play time goods and child safety essentials, we know those little monsters will be attempting to get in EVERYWHERE. Our safety equipment includes special clips that will baby proof drawers and cupboards as well as protective edges to protect your baby’s head when exploring.

We have thought of everything, including those harsh nappy rashes that often accompany a teething baby, we have a great range of skincare to soothe your toddler's sensitive skin as well as nappy bins to assist with eliminating the odours that are accompanied by those teething nappies.

We also have baby safety gates to prevent your toddler from escaping the safety of your home or simply keeping them from getting into places where they shouldn’t be allowed in. We cover all the essentials as well as all the fun stuff. Throw your baby the most exciting birthday party with The Kiddie Companies party time theme party sets.

So for now, relax and unwind while browsing through our range of toddler things that every parent needs.