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Are you looking for baby prams and strollers that’s comfortable and fits your needs while you’re on the move? If you’re a mom-on-the-go you’re going to need to keep your baby comfortable and secure while you’re on the move. Only the highest quality in baby travel gear offers optimal comfort and practicality, and we stock a wide range of high-tech baby strollers and baby prams to accommodate all your travel needs. Take your little one for a jog through the neighbourhood, or bring them along for a trip to family and friends; whatever the occasion, our travel gear comes neatly compact for when you don’t need it and easy to set up for when you do.

When it comes to your baby, their safety and comfort are of utmost concern to any parent. You want only the best for them. An infant, for instance, should never be left sitting upright in a seat or stroller, as their heads are too heavy for their necks and can cause serious harm. It’s with this in mind that our travel gear is fully adjustable, allowing for both sitting and reclining positions facing forward or backward. Our baby prams and strollers are suitable for your child from newborn to 3.5 years of age. All our travel gear are equipped with covers and canopies for sun and rain protection. With plush material, adjustable handles, and wheels suitable for any terrain, travel is no longer a nightmare, it’s a dream.

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