Baby Checklist 3-6 Months


    Safety & Healthcare

    Nappies & Changing

    Travel Gear


    • Outfits
    • Shoes
    • Vest – As many as possible with both long and short sleeves
    • Sunhat
    • Swimming Costume

    Bath Time

    • Bath Mat
    • Massage Oil
    • Lavender Oil – a great bath additive for a better nights sleep
    • Magnesium Bath Salts


    • Formula if you are not breastfeeding or returning to work
    • Formula containers
    • Cooler bag
    • Milk storage containers
    • A Blender will be your best friend when introducing solids, some babies are ready from 4 months and others closer to 6 months of age, however, investing in a good quality hand blender or bullet type blender will save your life and truck loads of time!


    • Playmat
    • Soft toys
    • Tummy time mat
    • Mirror
    • Rattles
    • Touch books
    • Sit support