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Farmyard Party

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The Old MacDonald nursery rhyme is part of most childhoods, making a farmyard theme party a must, especially for smaller children. This theme allows for bright colours and exciting games and activities.

Here are some Farmyard activities the kids will love that can be done at home.

  • The Harvest hide and seek: Before the party starts hide a mixture of plastic or printed images of fruit and veg in your garden. Allow the kids to run around and gather as many as they can find. The child with the most fruit and veg wins.
  • Wheelbarrow race: Split the kids into two groups. Then, have one child be the “wheelbarrow” while another teammate “drives” the wheelbarrow across the finish line. The first team to get all their “wheelbarrows” across the finish line wins.
  • Herding sheep: Draw sheep face’s on white balloons, set them loose around the garden ( include weights if you use helium balloons). Let the kids round them up.
  • Horsing around obstacle course: On a brown piece of card draw and cut out the shape of a horses head. Attached this to a long stick. Allow the kids to decorate their horses. Set up a obstacle course in your garden and allow the kids to ride their way though it performing their daily farming tasks.

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