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Munchkin Bath Colour Buddies Bath Bombs

R185.00 inc. tax

Nourishing, Colourful, Bath time fun!



These bath bombs are made with natural skin-loving ingredients like Vitamin E and shea butter, totally safe for children.
Just drop the bath bombs into the dispenser of choice, fasten the safety cap, immerse in water and watch as colours fizz and bloom.
A nontoxic formula that is super easy to clean and won’t stain the bath or skin.

And the adorable whale and puffer fish dispensers double as floating bath strainers, extending playtime even more.

Set of 20 colourful bath bombs and 2 dispenser toys
Nontoxic, non-staining, and easy to clean
Mix and match bath bombs to create new colours
Safety caps keep bath bombs secure in dispensers
24+ months


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