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Unicorn Party

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The unicorn theme centered around the mythical creature, can encompass a lot of different elements. Essentially, it’s a fun, fantasy theme with plenty of sweetness and sparkles.

  • Pin the horn on the Unicorn: Print a unicorn image. Create small cone shaped horns out of paper, then add some Prestik to the back. Blind  fold each child and spin them round. Allow them to pin the horn on the unicorn. The closest wins. This activity can also be extended to allow the kids to first decorate their horns with fun art and craft items.
  • Edible unicorn horn decorating: You will need ice-cream cones, premade icing and lots of fun sprinkles. Allow the kids to decorate their own unicorn horn. This is a great treat as well as a fun activity.
  • Unicorn ring toss: Have two teams, each team must nominate their unicorn. Give each unicorn a store bought or home made horn to wear on their head. They unicorn will need to be split apart from its team (The distance can depend on the age of the kids playing). The teams will toss medium size rings (store bought or home made) and try get it onto the unicorns horn. The team who gets all the rings on first wins.
  • Unicorn Glitter Glue Slime:

Optional Party Theme Items:

Unicorn Cups ( Pack of 8)

Unicorn Garland 5 meters

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