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Our suggested top 10 Baby Essentials

#1 Co-Sleeper Camp Cot

Whether you decide to co sleep or not, the Snuggletime co sleeper camp cot is a great 3 in 1 product which will not only serve as a co sleeping accessory, but a travel cot as well as toddler playpen. If you have a fussy baby, then the Nurture One Nesting Pillow is another one of our must have baby essentials which can be used together with your co sleeper cot as you can place the pillow inside.
NurtureOne Nesting Cushion #3

#2 Travel System

If you decide against the above mentioned option, then our next item from our baby essentials list is a good travel system that may include a carry cot that your little one could always sleep in, until such time you feel that you are ready to transition your baby to a cot.  This is a must have, in my opinion, as it not only serves as a pram for day to day strolling and car seat for car journeys, but also as a sleep haven wherever you may be.  Being on wheels means that you can move from room to room, go from place to place and your baby will always be with you and can always be strolled into a quieter area should you want a bit of quiet.

#3 Pregnancy pillow

These amazing pregnancy pillows not only assist your changing body during pregnancy, but it can be so useful once the baby has arrived.  You can use it to assist you at feeding times, use it as a cocoon around your baby while they are on your bed and as your baby grows and gets to the sitting stage, your pillow makes for great support behind them.  My pillow has even served its purpose for my toddler not falling out of bed!! (all I did was tuck it under the sheet alongside the edge of the bed and wham, I had a safety rail!)
Spine Align Body Contour Pillow

#4 Baby Monitor

These days technology has really allowed for us, as parents, to have our eyes on our baby at all times.  This is another one of our must-have baby essentials especially once the baby has transitioned into their own room and cot.  There are so many options, from sound only, sound and movement, as well as video options. Angelcare has a great range and variety of options to choose from.  Below is my personal favourite.
Angelcare AC327 Video, Movement & Sound Monitor

#5 Baby Carrier

Many people say that these are overrated and maybe, for some, they are!  I personally felt that I needed all hands available as a mom, especially at those times when life still needed to continue, but baby did not want to go down or be left alone.  The carrier was my lifesaver and my baby was super content and happy when inside close to my chest.
Ubuntu Baba Stage 1 Carrier
Another option if you prefer something that feels and looks less like a carrier is the wrap.  It’s made from a soft slightly stretch type fabric and these are also great for those first few weeks and months when the baby is still adjusting to life outside of the womb.
NooNoo Pie Tie

#6 Sleepsac

These are lifesaving baby essentials from about 4months onwards, once your baby no longer wants to be swaddled.  Especially great for the cold winter months as baby will sleep warm and you will sleep well.  Also having a summer option is also great until your baby grows into a toddler and can keep the covers on all night.
Babysense Winter Sleepsac

#7 Baby Nappy Bags

Whether you use it only for nappies or as your babies general travel bag, the reality is, that you cannot do without one, therefore a must-have baby essential.  Also, so many options to choose from, so whatever your needs as a mom, make sure you choose the right size and option for you as they need to be functional as well as practical, not just pretty on the eye! View our Nappy Bags here!
Peppertree Nappy Bag

#8 Baby Bath

This is another essential in my opinion, especially in the early days, and certainly up to the age of around 3 months. A bath that can be picked up and moved from room to room works well especially in the very early days and also in the cold winter months.
Snuggletime Baby Bath

#9 Natural Organic Skincare

Something soft and gentle, free from harsh fragrances, alcohols, and parabens.  Oh Lief, has an amazing variety to take care of your baby’s delicate skincare needs.
Oh Lief Baby Box

#10 Nasal Aspirator

This is such an underrated, absolute must-have baby essential.  There are very many options on the market, which I have used 3 of them.  I will definitely say that the baby vac wins hands down.  It does not need to be used with the vacuum cleaner if you prefer not too, you can use your own breath to suck on the other end.  The removal of the mucus that baby cannot yet do, will be your absolute lifesaver when baby falls ill. These are just a few of our top recommended baby essentials, however, for a more comprehensive list of essentials, please see our essential checklists section which will take you through the recommended essentials for every step of your journey!