Baby Checklist 6-12 Months


    • Soother
    • Sleepsac

    Safety & Healthcare

    • Safety Gates
    • Plug Covers
    • Cupboard Locks

    Changing & Nappies

    • Nappies – the older your baby gets, you may want to start looking at pull ups if you are using disposable nappies
    • Swimming nappies
    • Wipes, Wipes, Wipes!!

    Travel Gear

    • Car Seat – Depending on what you first bought, it may be time for an upgrade due to size and weight of your growing baby
    • Weekender/Overnight Bag – A nappy bag may not be big enough for an overnight stay!


    • Many a change of outfits- this is the time when your baby is mobile!
    • Vests
    • Socks
    • Soft comfy shoes

    Bath Time

    • Bath Support
    • Bath Toys


    • High/Feeding Chair
    • Feeding bibs – The waterproof bibs are especially great as all you need to do is wipe clean!
    • Sippy Cup
    • As mentioned above…Wipes and more wipes!  Your baby will be starting to play with foods feeling the textures and trying to feed themselves.
    • Feeding Utensils
    • Storage Containers
    • Food processor or Blender – These guys are your best friend when starting solid foods with your little one.  A steamer is also a nice to have!


    • Sit Support – at around 6 months your baby will begin to sit on their own, so a good thing to have is a support behind them just in case of a wobbly moment.  The pregnancy body contour pillow works wonderfully!
    • Teethers
    • Chew Toys
    • Walking Ring
    • Walker Toys
    • Playpen
    • Soft Books